Canadian Proverbs

Hi! Today, I’m launching Canadian Proverbs from Inspiring Series.The inspirational message comes from the country with the world’s longest bi-national land border, Canada. “ Through other people’s faults, wise men correct their own “ it means that, errors are a part of life. Your faults and failures of others, exits for you to grown asContinue reading “Canadian Proverbs”

Fortune Cookie – 幸运饼干

Hi everyone! Today, I’m launching a new wallpaper series, Inspiring Series.This wallpaper series, was designed with a minimalist look, but, the main purpose of this set is the message. I will be regularly posting a new inspirational, reflective saying, quotes and proverbs from around the world. To open this series, I’m launching Fortune Cookie.This wallpaperContinue reading “Fortune Cookie – 幸运饼干”