The Project

Hi, I’m Alfred F. and Artwork & Design is my showroom for my artwork and design projects.
My work is available to the general public, and it can be downloaded directly from here or from trusted third-party websites, such as, openDesktop or Ko-Fi.
I hope you enjoy it, as I enjoyed creating it!

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About Me

Hi, my name is Alfredo F. ( aka PT_Alfred).

So, you must be wondering why the acronym “PT_Alfred”. – Well, actually this has a meaning…

  • The first part “PT”, is the TLD of my country, Portugal.
  • The second one it’s… my mane.
    Simple and straightforward, right?

I’m a design enthusiast and passionate about the GNU/Linux world.

Design Enthusiast

I’m just a guy that is fascinated with design, artwork and everything related. As a disclaimer, I’m not a professional designer and my main occupation it’s not related to that. But, I like to explore this world of art and design, by creating my own artwork through learning and experimenting, and well, it’s my own process of doing it.

Passionate about GNU/Linux

I’m a GNU/Linux user and it’s been my main operative system for a while now. I’m running it for creating, editing and managing my artwork, while using FOSS software only.

Thank You Note
Thanks a lot for contributing to the project. With your support I will continue to create and delivered artwork that you and thousands of other people enjoy.

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