PLASM inPlasted

Hi everyone!

I’m launching a new and flashing wallpaper from Plasma Series, PLASM inPlasted.
This a elegant and stunning wallpaper, that will fit seamlessly with the Plasma panel in both up/down positions, as also, if you want to use a dock bar ( Latte Dock ).
For this set, I am also launching a mobile version to provide a complete set for all your screens.

Suitable for…

This set, was created to be used with darker themes in Plasma ( KDE ). There’s also a mobile version for your smartphone.

Plasma 5
The fifth and current generation of the graphical workspaces environment,
created by KDE primarily for Linux systems.
Plasma Series
Exclusive artwork for Plasma desktop environment

I hope you enjoy it, as I enjoyed creating it!

Get it from a authorized third-party website:
Desktop Edition
Mobile Edition

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This set of WALLPAPERS are licensed under
CC BY NC SA © Alfredo F.

Plasm inPlasted – An exclusive Plasma wallpaper – You Must Get It!

Published by Alfredo F.

Hi, my name is Alfredo F. ( aka PT_Alfred), I’m a design enthusiast and passionate about the GNU/Linux world.

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