Mater inLight

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m launching a new Plank Series, Flat Series.
This series of plank themes, are designed with a matted background, in order to give a distinct look to the desktop environment.

Opening this series, I’m launching Mater inLight. This theme has a white background and is designed with smooth animation when sliding in/out.

… and, as always, it’s free.

For adding this theme to Plank, please check out this tutorial video:

Preview Gallery

Theme variants released date

23 05 19Original Edition
19 07 19Cool Edition
27 10 20Extend Edition

I hope you enjoy it, as I enjoyed creating it!

Free download from an authorized third-party website

Support my work

This work, is licensed under
CC BY NC ND 4.0 License


Mater inLight from Flat Plank Series – Get it freely!

Published by Alfredo F.

Hi, my name is Alfredo F. ( aka PT_Alfred), I’m a design enthusiast and passionate about the GNU/Linux world.

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