Hi everyone!

Today, I’m launching another amazing Plank theme from Digi Series, Pascal.
This theme is designed with a white blur effect and shiny white edges, with the smoother in/out animation.

For adding this theme to Plank, please check out this tutorial video:

Theme Editions Gallery

Original Edition

Slim Edition

Cool Edition

Extend Edition

Stora Edition

Editions Released Date
DateTheme Variant
22 06 19Slim Edition
24 09 19Cool Edition
15 11 19Extend Edition
26 03 20Stora Edition
21 10 20Uppercap Edition

Download and enjoy it!

Download it freely from an authorized third-party website
Support my work

This work is licensed under
CC BY NC ND 4.0 License


Pascal from Digi Plank Series – Get it freely!

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Hi, my name is Alfredo F. ( aka PT_Alfred), I’m a design enthusiast and passionate about the GNU/Linux world.

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